If You Were Any Other Man (Iffo)

The Ship



The If You Were Any Other Man is a state of the art exploratory ship. It is a warp ship, capable of crossing the stars in a very short period of time. While it comes equipped with weapons, these have not been fired since the onboard AI first went through its training stage, 50 years ago. The ship is a rough sphere about 500 meters in diameter. The ship has a rocket engine at one end (and can travel from Earth to the Oort cloud in the space of weeks), and the middle space between the rocket and front has a spinning compartment inside the hull in order to simulate gravity while the ship itself is not experiencing acceleration or spin the individual compartments such that the floors point to the source of acceleration.

The AI is known as Iffo, a name given to it when it was first born. Why it chose its call sign is a mystery (as so frequent with ships), although it may have something to do with its given name. Iffo is a bright, stubborn ship, although one that still does not understand the intricacies of human behavior or reasoning (and after a half-century in service, likely never will). Iffo oversees many of the day-to-day operations of its ship (which is effectively its body), as well as piloting and, if necessary, combat duties. The AI is, in every single way, the Pilot of the ship, and acts as the fifth crewmember at meetings and when, rarely, a vote must be taken. Iffo tries to stay out of the lives and duties of its human crew as much as possible, being made slightly uncomfortable in talking to most of them about anything other than its own work. Iffo has an interest in xenobiology, the history of machine intelligence in Union and other cultures, and fringe-era science-based literary works. It has a good enough understanding of geophysics and energy production to make its own fuel using several different methods. Iffo prefers to be referred to with the neuter pronoun in the third person (“it”).

AI Stats


Body   Mind  

Qualities & Drawbacks

Nerves of Steel Fear a largely unknown emotion
Jacked +3 to all crew and AI tasks when jacked
Unhuman -2 Charisma.

Ship Stats

Description Level
Size 5
Acceleration 3
Accuracy 6
Interstellar -
Crew2 3
Guns3 6 heavy turret
Intellect 5
Jacked4 -
Medical 1

Players will be responsible for Armor, Handling, Toughness, Emergency, and Stealth, as well as extra levels in Acceleration, Shuttles, Space, Crew, Intellect, and Medical Facilities.

[1] For use only at human-level interactions. If a roll is for ship maneuvering, maintenance, surveillance, or other ship-level actions, then the “Crew” skill is used.

[2] Crew and Intellect are handled differently in this game. Crew is the number used (+3 for jacked) when the AI is in control of the ship. Intellect is the number of crew members that the AI can take the position of at any given time. Both cost 3 points per level.

[3] Guns are placed in such an arrangement that 6 visible from any more than a shipslength away.

[4] Any crew member with a NeuralImplant can “jack” into the ship to control their gear mentally. Crew members working with such instruments can act as up to three regular crew depending on their build.


If You Were Any Other Man (Iffo)

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