character creation

Character Creation

A ship in the Exploration Corps has several main slots that are filled by player characters. These include the Captain, the Doctor, the Sociologist, and the Security Specialist and others to be decided based on need and player interest (in other words, feel free to define your own and run it past me). Character creation consists of the players and GM working together to fill out a crew for a ship in rounds. Players begin by selecting who will take each position, and work together with each other and in one-on-one rounds with the GM to create a well-rounded character with both history and stats. Influenced by FATE, this system ensures that the players and GM are all on the same page about what they want their character to be and do within the setting, as well as maps out the relationships that the characters already have with one another.

The roles

Each player character should have a well-defined role on board the ship. Below are example roles, but GMs and players are welcome to come up with different roles if they think it fits their game best. A role comes with a certain number of free attributes and skills, and some come with necessary drawbacks.

Player characters assume the topmost roles on the ship, and none has the power to command any other—they are equals at the top of the hierarchy of the ship, in charge of their area of expertise. They may have NPCs who work beneath them, the equivalent of gophers, nurses, research assistants, or grunts, or the GM may decide to have the players use technology for these secondary roles.


On an Exploration Corps ship, the Captain is not the supreme leader of the crew. Instead, his role is more one of mediation than commanding. The Captain is both the ship psychologist and ambassador from humanity and the Union. Normally, the Captain has no disciplinary role, the hope being that discipline is not needed on board an EC ship. In the case of conflict or disagreement between two crew members that they cannot conclude themselves, the Captain acts as mediator, helping those in conflict come to an agreement. If the Captain and the Pilot both agree that a course of action should not be taken, they may work together to ensure it does not happen. While the Captain is not in charge, per se, it is the Captain that the other members look to to make the tough decisions, as well as blame when things are not going well.

The Doctor

The Doctor is more than just a medic (although he is that)—he is the chief natural scientist on board, and with the use of his implants is skilled in all natural sciences, including biology, chemistry, geology, and physics.

The Sociologist

Where the Doctor studies the natural world, the Sociologist studies intelligent life and the systems it creates. Where the Doctor can create models based on mathematical rules, the Sociologist must use statistics and intuition to devise how these systems work.

The Security Officer

Part Diplomat, part Field Officer, the Security Officer’s role is to ensure the safety of the ship and all its contents, whether on board or on landfall.

character creation

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