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Welcome to the Union of Galactic Interests

The future is a large, scary place.

For the past millennium, Humanity has taken its place in the stars. Warp drive technology allows faster-than-light travel, alien life has been contacted, and humans are no longer the newest members of the Union of Galactic Interests. The Union is a mutli-racial civilization of peoples who hold the protection of sentient beings as the most important value in life. This value system allows several very different species to get along, despite their extreme differences. There are other species and civilizations in the Galaxy as well, although the vastness of the Galaxy and their distance from humanity’s small sector of space means that they are infrequently contacted by humans.

The Union

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The Union is comprised for four main species, and many other smaller populations that are not full members but have been contacted and are under the protection of the Union. These rules, as they are known to humanity, are:

  1. Sentience is dear, and conscious beings have a right to their existence.
  2. Attack a member or protectorate of The Union, and you attack the whole Union.

Derived from these are many other “laws”, which can be found here.

The Union’s main species are:

  1. Humanity
  2. Moltarn
  3. Trestity
  4. The Bast

Each has a particular role in The Union, although each is also varied in culture and outlook.

Finally, The Union Library (known as Libby to most humans) is the central knowledge store of all Union cultures. The Union is, mostly, a post-scarcity economy, and thus creating art or discovering new knowledge is the main way of gaining capital. Even if an exploration finds a planet with sentient creatures on it, the documentation of those creatures and their planet in Libby makes the expedition worth it.

The Players

In the game, the players take the rolls of explorers for the Exploration Corps, with a ship and a charter to find new worlds for the expansion of the human race. While Travel and Energy are cheap, Matter, Time, and Space are expensive, meaning that a new world for colonization will offer new galactic territory, new information, and new space for colonists. Humanity is the most quickly expanding of the Union species, taking it upon themselves to spread the influence of the Union while also increasing their own prestige within the Union.

Each player will take a different roll on the ship, which will be detailed in the character creation page. There may be other NPCs on board the ship with them, and the shipboard computer itself is a conscious entity, although one that is somewhat opaque in its methods of communication. The ship is given assignments, planetary systems to explore for resources, information, and, uninhabited, terraformable planets.


Influences for this world vary tremendously. The space opera subgenre of science fiction is one rife with interesting and smart novels, ranging from Asimov’s Foundation trilogy to Iain M Bank’s Culture Cycle to Dune to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The Union takes bits of The Culture, of Foundation, of Brin’s Uplift novels, of the Sufficiently Advanced RPG, and of many Golden Age SF stories, and mashes them together into a universe that is large, varied, dangerous, and fantastical.

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